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"Chronic" leukemia cells do not mature all the way, so they are not as capable of defending against infections as normal lymphocytes.

"Acute" leukemia cells begin to replicate before any immune functions have developed.

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These guidelines are intended primarily for organisations providing services to adults with disabilities, but could apply to any club or centre.but the Master Account can control the funding of their PSN wallet and other monitoring of the Sub Account.Everyone under 18 is supposed to have a Sub Account under a responsible adult’s Master Account (though let’s be real, we know that doesn’t always happen).Any adult could be regarded as at risk or vulnerable at certain times, for example when undergoing medical treatment or experiencing a period of mental ill-health.

Equally, not all people with a disability would identify themselves as being vulnerable or at risk at all times.

Features you can limit include messages, monthly spending and gameplay broadcasts.