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21-Sep-2017 09:26

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Hylight 4x12 Early Sound City cabinet and grill cloth like The Who used at Rock and roll circus.2x12 2/17 with purple Fane labels,25w, flux 17k.2x 122142 with purple Hiwatt labels,50w,17k flux.

According to designer JC Calmettes, Villedubert is a wonderful, quiet place, where air, food, and life are all good.

It has apparently also been a perfect setting for audio inspiration since Jadis was founded some 31 years ago by JC’s father, Andre Calmettes, and Jean-Paul Caffi.

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Hylight 4x12 Hylight AP 150w 16ohm 4x12, 4x 38/73 122142 cast frame Fanes with purple Hiwatt labels, 50w 17000 flux density, with original wiring harness, untouched black interior with OF or DF initials chalked inside, original black/blue piping vinyl cover OEM wheels, as new cond, also has original factory custom order grill cloth similar to S n P but a bit more silvery. Two original Hiwatt Fane speakers purple with silver lettering. Tolex totally removed in the operation, but the cab still has its S/N plate. It still has the two remaining 122142 50W 16ohms speakers, date 06/76 sounding perfectly right.

Jadis has stayed small over the years but always focused on the necessary ingredients for success: handcrafted components built without compromise using the best components available.