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If the mortar has a wood/ charcoal content it may be suitable for radio carbon dating (although this can yield results much older than the actual mortar).They have successfully completed a study of dating mortar in medieval churches in Finland using accelerator mass spectrometry radiocarbon dating of non-hydraulic mortar.Haufen, sometimes in the compound Gewalthaufen, also designated a pike square formation in German.Since the First World War, the word howitzer has been increasingly used to describe artillery pieces that, strictly speaking, belong to the category of gun-howitzers – relatively long barrels and high muzzle velocities combined with multiple propelling charges and high maximum elevations.

We aim at continuously updating the state of research within our project.Gypsum mortar, also called plaster of Paris, was used in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and many other ancient structures.It is made from gypsum, which requires a lower firing a type of artillery piece characterized by a relatively short barrel and the use of comparatively small propellant charges to propel projectiles over relatively high trajectories, with a steep angle of descent.

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In the taxonomies of artillery pieces used by European (and European-style) armies in the 17th to 20th centuries, the howitzer stood between the "gun" (characterized by a longer barrel, larger propelling charges, smaller shells, higher velocities, and flatter trajectories) and the "mortar" (which was meant to fire at even higher angles of ascent and descent).Howitzers, like other artillery equipment, are usually organized in groups called batteries.

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